Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pipa | Latitude 6.13 S Longitude 35.20 W

I always had the idea that there was no other place in Brazil as wonderful as Rio de Janeiro or Bahia. I was wrong.

The colourful, secret and romantic town of Pipa can be found just 80 kilometres south from Natal, it is also vital, peaceful and it has a special charm. Many foreigners looking for a peaceful place to live are now living here after escaping from the noise of the big cities. A craft store for tourists, a bar or a store for surfers -there are many- have been more than enough to make a living and relax in this South American village.

At night there are always several restaurants where to eat and bars that open their doors to entertain with their music.

The beaches that you will find in Pipa are Praia do Madeiro, Bahia dos Golphinos, Praia Central -the most crowded-, Praia do Amor which is the one preferred by the surfers due to its large waves and Praia das Minas.

My favourite is Bahia dos Golphinos. It is called that way because it is common to see dolphins playing in the waters of the bay within walking distance from the swimmers. It's a great feeling. In addition, the sand is soft and it is surrounded by wild vegetation. How nice!

  • If you are a girl and intend to buy a Brazilian bikini you should know that, in fact, they use no bikinis, but extremely tiny pieces of cloth attached together with threads. 
  • No wonder it is forbidden to be top-less, it isn’t necessary ;) 
  • The late night parties organized in Praia de Amor are definitely a must do.
  • In Praia das Minas, large turtles come during their spawning season to bury their eggs there. 
  • The ‘Bossa Nova’ is a musical style that is usually accompanied with guitars, drums and percussion. Elis Regina and Gilberto Gil are among the artists who popularize this rhythm.



corfubob said...

No comments? I have one, but you should not post it. I have just seen 4 posts from different corners of the world. 4 very, very average pictures which will make your readers wonder why the hell you bothered going there. If you did.

Elsa said...

I do not like censorship, thus I like to post all kinds of comments as long as they are not disrespectful.
The information given is more important to me than the pictures, I believe if you read one of my articles and decide to go to a certain destination, just one picture will not change your mind.
Funnily, you are the first person who do not like the pictures; however, as I said, all comments are welcome, thanks!

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